T&LEMU conducts the Student Learning Experience Questionnaire (SLEQ) on an annual basis to yield information for informing and enhancing teaching and learning. The results for the 2015-16 SLEQ-UG (for undergraduates) and SLEQ-TPG (for taught postgraduates) are now available.

The survey reports are accessible by all academic staff and administrative staff with access right granted via the online Institutional Survey Reports System (ISRS) through HKU Portal.  The full set survey reports are also available in a password-protected online survey sharing platform (https://tlem.hku.hk/surveyreport/).

To ensure the psychometric quality of the SLEQ data, reliability and validity have been regularly examined using rigorous methodology. For the 2015-16 exercise, findings demonstrate sound reliability and validity for the SLEQ data at item, scale and instrument levels, and provide psychometric supports for reporting individual item scores, scale scores and aggregated scores.

Faculties are welcome to contact T&LEMU at surveytl@hku.hk or 3917-4787 if there are any enquiries in interpreting and utilizing the survey data or using the online survey report system.