Interview with HKU teachers

As part of our efforts for a project pertaining to the impact of Teaching Development Grants (TDG), we have recently interviewed more than 20 HKU teachers including TDG recipients and Associate Deans who oversee teaching and learning developments and practices in Faculties.

The interviewees came from a broad range of academic disciplines, including medicine, law, engineering, education, social sciences, journalism, and language studies etc. It is evident from our interviews that there is a wide variety of innovative ideas on curriculum development, learning and teaching technologies, assessment and feedback, and professional development being infused into these projects. The interviewees also passionately shared with us the insights and experiences they gained from their projects and their views on the way in which their projects have contributed to teaching and learning at HKU.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to the interviewees for offering their time and effort in offering such valuable insights and wish them all the best and every success in their future endeavours.