Thematic Review on Removing Language Barriers in Learning Assessments

Invited by the Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific (NEQMAP), T&LEMU Director Dr. Maggie Zhao and our former Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Shuting Huo recently published a thematic review on Removing Language Barriers in Learning Assessments. The thematic review was conducted to promote inclusion and equity through quality learning assessments, and is framed within UNESCO’s commitment to quality education for all. The article can be accessed at:

The article aimed to examine ethnolinguistic minority students’ access to quality learning assessments and the ways in which the assessments can be used to inform educational policies and practices. Specific policies and intervention programmes for linguistically diverse learners in Asia-Pacific countries were reviewed. The findings provided insights into the existing assessment practices and accommodations for reducing potential language barriers. The article also included recommendations on inclusive learning assessments for teachers, schools, and governments to provide equitable and quality education for linguistically diverse students.