Getting Innovative Ideas from Interviewing HKU Teachers

Recently, T&LEMU members interviewed more than 20 HKU teachers who received one or more Teaching Development Grants (TDGs), Common Core Teaching Development Grants (CCTDGs), and Teaching Exchange Fellowships (TEFs). Our interview focused on project impact, digging deeper into how these projects impact student learning, teaching practice, and faculty/university culture on teaching and learning.

The interviewees came from a broad range of academic disciplines and other institution-wide units. Various innovative and promising ideas are evident from their completed projects that span from curriculum development and learning and teaching technologies to assessment and feedback and beyond. During the interview, each participant enthusiastically shared with us the insights and experiences they gained from their projects and how the project outcomes contributed to HKU’s teaching and learning. One highlight of the interview was when the interviewees expressed their biggest takeaways on how to design teaching development projects and what tips they could offer to future teachers.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to all the interviewees for taking time to participate in our study and providing such valuable and interesting findings. We wish all of them continued success in their endeavors.