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Address MB 116, Main Building
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Tel (852) 3917 4787
Fax (852) 3917 0120
Email surveytl @ hku.hk

Our Team

Director Dr. Maggie Zhao (852) 3917 4757 myzhao @ hku.hk Profile
Senior Assessment and Analysis Officer Ms. Yvonne Chan (852) 3917 2456 chanyyw @ hku.hk Profile
Assessment and Analysis Officer Ms. Ting Ting Li (852) 3917 8181 tingv2 @ hku.hk Profile
Assessment and Analysis Officer Mr. Erik Hua (852) 3917 0119 erikhua @ hku.hk Profile
Research Assistant Ms. Jolin Tang (852) 3917 6194 my716 @ hku.hk Profile
Assistant IT Manager Mr. Samson Lee (852) 3917 0118 scylee @ hku.hk Profile
Executive Assistant Ms. Kiz Chuk (852) 3917 4862 kizchuk @ hku.hk Profile

Our Core Areas


Collect, analyse, and report institutional data through institutional surveys for informing and supporting the University’s quality assurance and enhancement in relation to teaching and learning.


Use data and analytics to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and practice in teaching and learning.


Advance the understanding of student learning and assessment through research in support of teaching and learning.

Key Milestones

The Steering Committee on 4-Year Undergraduate Curriculum adopted an evidence-based approach, setting a direction requiring the University to conduct large-scale surveys on student learning. In 2008, after piloting, the first undergraduate Student Learning Experience Questionnaire was launched. An institutional survey team was established and affiliated to the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. The Student Learning Experience Questionnaire was subsequently introduced to taught postgraduates and other stakeholders, such as graduates and graduates’ employers.

In 2016, the institutional survey team became an independent unit and was renamed the Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit. With the mission of supporting the University’s teaching and learning strategies, quality assurance and enhancement, the Unit continues to conduct institutional surveys and evaluation and measurement studies.

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If you would like to be considered in future recruitment, you are welcome to leave us your information at tlemu@hku.hk.