WeThrive: An Enriching Summer Experience


WeThrive is a university-wide experiential learning programme designed to nurture student positive strengths and holistic developments in the university and beyond. The programme was successfully held from June to July 2022. T&LEMU Director Dr. Maggie Zhao gave interactive lectures with scientific insights and practical tips covering topics like character strengths, ingredients to happiness and productivity, resilience, emotions, positive relationship, and meaning in life etc. HKU students from such as Faculties of Arts, Medicine, Engineering, and Science highly engaged in lectures, tutorials, group projects, and other learning activities.

The programme has received positive feedback from all the students. Sample comments from students are listed below. Through a well-designed synchronous and asynchronous learning such as virtual gallery, sharing circle, and Miro conversation, students experienced a creative and fun way to understand the cutting-edge science of well-being, apply the evidence-based practice of well-being into daily life, and engage in a learning community for interdisciplinary collaboration. In the WeThrive Give module, some students went to local secondary school to practice the acquired skills, while others conducted wonderful group projects to help peers cope with university pressures.

The thriving journey never ends. The WeThrive programme will continue in the fall, dedicating to play an active role in nurturing students’ future readiness and attainment of University Educational Aims.

“I felt that it is a course more than just teaching me how to be happy. The WeThrive program let me learn and practice a lot of ways to enhance my emotional well-being. Moreover, the WeThrive Give allowed me to use what I have learned to give back to society, which is meaningful.”

— a student participant from LKS Faculty of Medicine

“I learned so many lessons about well-being and luckily came to realize some of my personal elements of happiness. I believe things I get from the program are much deeper and wider and will accompany me for a long time.”

— a student participant from Faculty of Science

“I am lucky to have been a part of it and would highly recommend this course to everyone! If I am given the opportunity to be a student ambassador again, I will definitely take it.”

— a student partner