2019-20 SLEQ Results Now Available

The results for the 2019-20 Student Learning Experience Questionnaire (SLEQ) are now available.

T&LEMU administers the SLEQ annually to yield information for informing and enhancing teaching and learning. As an important step in the University’s feedback process, the results for the SLEQ-UG (for undergraduates) and SLEQ-TPG (for taught postgraduates) were released to individual Faculties and committees in December 2020. Meetings are held with Deans, Associate Deans, programme directors and relevant staff members to discuss results and address issues arising from the findings for the purpose of quality enhancement of teaching and learning.

Key findings are available on the University’s Teaching and Learning webpage: https://tlem.hku.hk/sleq/. The Programme Evaluation section describes highlights for both  2019-20 SLEQ-UG and SLEQ-TPG.

Detailed survey reports are accessible by Faculties and relevant offices via the online Institutional Survey Reports System (ISRS) through HKU portal. All academic staff and administrative staff with access rights can directly access the System after logging on to the HKU Portal account (HKU Portal > Self Service > Teaching and Learning > Institutional Survey Reports > View Reports). Detailed instructions on using the System are available in the User Manual, downloadable here. The full set of survey reports are also available in a password-protected online survey sharing platform (https://tlem.hku.hk/surveyreport/).

Should you have any enquiries regarding SLEQ or using the online survey report system, please do not hesitate to contact us at surveytl @ hku.hk or 3917-4787.