WeThrive : Nurturing Students to Thrive in the New Academic Year


WeThrive is coming back in the new 2022-23 academic year!

A university-wide experiential learning programme, WeThrive is designed to nurture students’ positive strengths and holistic developments in the university and beyond. The evidence-based programme has been shown to be effective in nurturing students to thrive, as indicated by quantitative and qualitative data collected along the programme.

In the fall batch led by T&LEMU Director Dr. Maggie Zhao with the assistance of WeThrive Tutor Jolin Tang, multiple key positive psychology concepts were contextualised into academic study and life, supported by practical techniques to empower students in building life-long resilience and thriving. Concepts such as Self-compassion, Thinking Traps, Character Strengths, and Active Constructive Responding have been demonstrated in creative role plays.

Through the carefully-designed course contents in synchronous and asynchronous learning, students have acquired the theoretical underpinnings of scientific concepts and have learned cutting-edge skills that can be used right away in daily life. In the interactive learning platform Miro, students have shown great interest in using sticky notes to share reflections and ask questions. There have been more than 130 interactions collected, forging an intellectual stimulating and creative learning scene.

The programme has continued to receive positive feedback from all student participants, as evident in the sample student comments below. With cutting-edge learning opportunities offered for students, the thriving journey articulating the attainment of HKU’s University Educational Aims has evolved from summer to fall, lighting up university life.

“I think it was very helpful because it allowed me to boost my confidence, especially on my self-worth and happiness. I had gained wonderful insights on various topics that could be utilised in my life whenever I encounter difficulties or challenges in the future.” — a student participant from the Faculty of Arts

“My key takeaway from the WeThrive programme is that everyone needs time to take a moment to reflect and realise that we all deserve happiness and love in our lives. We are all unique, but our character strengths shapes who we are in our own journey.” — a student participant from the Faculty of Social Science